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Are you planning to buy Benzyl methyl ketone? Or are you just interested in the substance. What is it? Where can you buy it? Do not worry. This guide will answer all of these questions and much more.

What is Benzyl methyl ketone?

It is a deamination chemical of amphetamine metabolism, and individuals have been utilizing it as a precursor in the illicit amphetamine and methamphetamine synthesis. It is classified as a schedule 11 controlled drug in the US. People can only use it for research and forensic applications.

Note this is an organic item. It is for the most part a reasonable oil. You will discover it as a boring or somewhat yellow liquid. It has a thickness that is like water just as a charming smell. In spite of the fact that there are a few legitimate utilized of Benzyl methyl ketone, for example, creation of pharmaceutical drugs, generally the drug is utilized as an unlawful chemical for the illicit assembling of amphetamine.

It is a deamination chemical of amphetamine metabolism, and people have been using it as a precursor in the illegal synthesis of amphetamine and methamphetamine.  It is classified as a schedule 11 controlled drug in the US. It is intended for research and forensic applications.

Note that this is an organic product. It is mostly a clear oil. You will find it as a colorless or slightly yellow liquid. It has a density that is similar to water as well as a pleasant smell. Although there are several legal used of Benzyl methyl ketone such as making of pharmaceutical drugs, mostly the drug is used as an illicit chemical for the illegal manufacture of amphetamine.

How do you identify Benzyl methyl ketone?

You do so by using traditional techniques, for example, NMR, chromatography or HPLC. Such procedures are tedious, expensive and require experienced and prepared staff. There is a need to invent another quick and new way that helps in detecting the presence of Benzyl methyl ketone.

Production of BMK generation

You will discover a few production techniques in science books to prepare BMK. However, there are numerous sources online containing works and writing of figures like Uncle Fester and Alex Shulgin. Tremendous measures of information are accessible for invested individuals to take a gander at.

 Different names used to allude to benzyl methyl ketone

  • 3-Phenyl-2-propanone
  • 1-Phenylpropan-2-one
  • 2-Propanone
  • 1-phenyl-; Phenyl-2-propanone
  • P2P
  • 1-Phenyl-2-propanone
  • Phenylacetone; α-Phenylacetone
  • Phenylmethyl ketone and NSC 9827

Is it possible to buy Benzyl methyl ketone?

Indeed, it is possible to acquire Benzyl methyl ketone. However, recall this is a controlled substance as a result of its use in making illegal drugs. This makes it somewhat hard in acquiring it. However, this does not imply that it is impossible to buy it. There are numerous Benzyl methyl ketone sellers out there, and you have to know where to discover them. One great method for getting this compound is doing it online.

Where can you Buy Benzyl methyl ketone online

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Final thoughts

We believe that this guide will help you Buy Benzyl methyl ketone smoothly.

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