Buy BMK Glycidate (Benzeneacetic acid)

Buy BMK Glycidate (Benzeneacetic acid)

When it comes to buying chemicals, you have to know information about the chemical substance, where to buy, how to do it and much more. In this article, we have written a guide on people planning to buy BMK Glycidate (Benzeneacetic acid) and much more about the substance.

What is BMK Glycidate (Benzeneacetic Acid?)

It is an organic substance that contains a carboxylic acid function group and a phenyl function group. It appears as a white solid with a not friendly odor. Since it is used in the illegal manufacture of phenylacetone that is used in the manufacture of amphetamines, it is mostly a controlled substance in most nations including China and the US.

 Benzeneacetic Acid is a strong phenolic honey sweet animal-honey honeysuckle orchid. It is a precursor to phenylacetone that has been used as a precursor in the illegal synthesis of amphetamine and methamphetamine. It is categorized as a shedule11 controlled substance in the US and is intended for research and forensic applications.

BMK Glycidate (Benzeneacetic acid) synonyms

  • Methyl ester
  • 2-methyl-3-phenyl-2-oxiranecarboxylic acid
  • Benzeneacetic acid
  • Phenylacetic acid
  • Phenylethanoic acid
  • Sodium phenylacetate

Is it easy to buy BMK Glycidate (Benzeneacetic Acid?)

Since it is a controlled substance, it is not easy to buy. Authorities are very tough on BMK Glycidate (Benzeneacetic acid) because of its use in manufacture of phenylacetone which is used as a precursor to illicit amphetamines. In their pursuit to make amphetamines scarce they target the precursors which makes it hard to obtain them. However, does this mean you cannot obtain them? No, it doesn’t. You can still buy BMK Glycidate (Benzeneacetic acid) if you know how to do it. Continue reading and learn more.

Where can you buy BMK Glycidate (Benzeneacetic acid)?

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Final thoughts             

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