Benzyl Methyl Ketone (BMK)


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What is Benzyl methyl ketone (BMK)?

Benzyl Methyl Ketone (BMK) Benzyl methyl ketone is an organic substance that is in the form of a clear oil having a refractive index of 1.5168. It is commonly known as P2P. This chemical substance is an analog or propiophenone in which the carbonyl group is on the two carbon atoms instead of 1 carbon atom of the side chain. It has a chemical formula of  C6H5CH2COCH3. This chemical is soluble in various organic solvents as well as water. It is known to have a CAS number of 103-79-7.

What is Benzyl methyl ketone (BMK) used for?

There are a few uses of Benzyl methyl ketone (BMK) which are as follows:

1. Benzyl methyl ketone (BMK) is mainly used for manufacturing chemicals such as methamphetamine and amphetamine. For such cases, it is used as a starting material.

  1. Certain companies use it for clandestine chemistry.

In the case of human beings, this chemical occurs in the form of a metabolite of amphetamine and methamphetamine via FMO3-mediated oxidative deamination.

  1. This chemical is also used as a flavouring agent in the food.
  2. Different pharmaceuticals are manufactured using this chmical.
  3. It is used in the organic synthesis method for producing benzyl radical by the process of photolysis.


What are the different names by which Benzyl methyl ketone (BMK) is known?

Here are the various names of BMK:

  • Phenylacetone
  • NSC 9827
  • methylbenzyl ketone
  • phenyl 2-propanone
  • BCP22277
  • C15512
  • A800807
  • I01-1989
  • NSC-9827
  • ZINC1700205

Where can you buy Benzyl methyl ketone (BMK)?

You can purchase this chemical from our online pharmaceutical store. We deliver it to our customers residing all across the world.

Who are some of the popular vendors of Benzyl methyl ketone (BMK)?

Some of the chemical vendors of this product are as follows:

  • Capot
  • Nanjing Kaimubo
  • Boerchem
  • Yuhao Chemical
  • Angene Chemical
  • LGC Standards
  • Amadis Chemical
  • BioChemPartner
  • AKos Consulting & Solutions
  • Life Chemicals
  • MuseChem
  • 3B Scientific (Wuhan) Corp
  • Chemieliva Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
  • Vitas-M Laboratory
  • Finetech Industry Limited

Properties of Benzyl methyl ketone(BMK):

Property Value
Molecular Weight 134.178 g/mol
Exact Mass 134.073 g/mol
Physical appearance liquid
Boiling point 216.5°C

Melting Point

Solubility Soluble in water 2270 mg/L at 25 deg C
Density  1.0157 g/m cu at 20 deg C


Vapor pressure 0.16 mm Hg at 25 deg C (est)
CAS number 103-79-7
Purity 98.8%

What is the risk of exposure to Benzyl methyl ketone(BMK) on human beings and who are subject to such kind of exposure?

Workers who are involved in manufacturing this chemical are exposed to its vapors which they breathe in. Also, they may have direct contact on the skin. Other people constituting the general population can get exposed to this chemical by smoking cigarettes , susbtitutes of tobacco as well as consumption of certain foods.

People who are involved in the production of illegal drugs will also be exposed to this chemical. On being released into the air, the Benzyl methyl ketone gets broken down. Not only this, but it can also be broken down by the sunlight. It gradually moves into the air from the moist soil and water. But there is no probability of building up in fish.

Till date, there is no proof of the toxicity of Benzyl methyl ketone in the case of human beings. As per the National Toxicology Program 14th Report on Carcinogens (SRC), in case of laboratory animals also, the data on the chemical’s potential to cause cancer in case of human beings has not yet been proved by the US. EPA IRIS program. It is an  International Agency for Research on Cancer or the U.S.

How is Benzyl methyl ketone(BMK) produced?

There are various methods for the preparation of Phenylacetone Oil, BMK (Benzyl Methyl Ketone) Oil, P2P  but the simplest method of its preparation is the alkalination of Benzene Friedel-Crafts with chloroacetone.

It is also produced by the process of catalytic ketonisation of phenylacetic acid with acetic acid. This is done over an alumina-supported cerium oxide catalyst at a temperature of 400-500°C.

Another method of its production includes rearrangement of phenylpropylene oxide on zeolites or by the process of oxidation of 2-phenylpropanol.

What is the price of Benzyl methyl ketone(BMK)?

The exact price of Benzyl methyl ketone(BMK) depends on the pharmaceutical store from where you are purchasing it online. You can find various suppliers in the market but make sure to opt for the one who can supply it to you at the best price besides ensuring the genuineness and purity of the chemical.

Why opt for our online store to purchase Benzyl methyl ketone(BMK)?

Our online store supplies genuine chemicals of high quality. All you need to do is place an order and get it delivered at your doorsteps through our trusted courier partners. It doesn’t matter at all in which part of the world you reside. We can reach any place in the least possible time. We ensure to supply you the chemical at a price which is best in the market.

What are the warnings which one must know while handling Benzyl methyl ketone(BMK)?

Here are certain warnings you need to keep in mind:

1. It is quite harmful in case you swallow it because it can lead to acute toxicity. So avoid this at any cost.

2. This chemical causes serious irritation in the eyes. Your eyes can get damaged also if they come in contact with it. So make sure to protect your eyes using proper eyewear in order to avoid even any kind of accidental contact.

3. Other issues may occur if you use the impure chemicals instead of the pure ones. It also depends on the other additives in it.

4. This is a flammable liquid, so make sure to avoid any kind of fire such as heat, flames or sparks near it. You can make use of water spray, alcohol-resistant foam, dry chemical or carbon dioxide in order to extinguish an accidental fire breakout.

It is necessary to wear the self-contained breathing apparatus while fighting fire. You can make use of water spray for cooling the unopened containers.

5. Make sure to use personal protective equipment in order to avoid inhaling the breathing vapors, mist or gas. The vapors get accumulated in the low areas.

6. Any kind of explosive concentrations must never be kept nearby. Also, avoid any kind of leakage or spillage. Do not smoke and take steps for preventing the electrostatic charge build-up.

7. Make sure that the chemical does not enter drains. You need to contain the spillage and collect it with the help of an electrically protected vacuum cleaner or with a wet brush. Then it has to be placed in a closed disposal container as per the regulations of the locality.

8. The gloves need to be inspected before use. It is necessary to wash hands before breaks as well as the end of the day. Using the proper method of removing the gloves is necessary to avoid the chemical from getting in contact with the skin. Dispose of the contaminated gloves properly.

9. The chemical needs to be placed in a dry container that is tightly closed and in a well-ventilated area.

10. When the only way of protection is a respirator, a full face supplied air respirator should be used. Make sure to use only those respirators and components that are approved under the concerned government standards such as NIOSH in US or CEN in the EU.

What is the emergency treatment of this drug?

Here are the emergency treatments which you can carry out  in case of an emergency:
  1. In case of any kind of emergency, immediate first aid must be given to carry our sufficient decontamination. If you find the person getting breathless, begin artificial respiration, especially with a demand valve restrictor, big valve mask device or pocket mask as per the training. In case of any necessity, CPR has to be done.
  2. The contaminated eyes have to be washed properly with water using gently flowing water. You need to irrigate each eye with 0.9% saline during transport. Proparacaine hydrochloride can be used to help in eye irrigation
  3. In case you ingest the chemical, rinse the mouth and use 5 mL/kg up to 200 mL of water for dilution if the patient is able to swallow and doesn’t drool.
  4. In case of burnt skins, you can use sterile dressings when there is contamination with the chemical.
  5. It is necessary to avoid inducing vomiting. In case of vomiting also, make sure to lean the person forward or place him on the left side by keeping his head in the downward position. This will help in opening the airway and preventing aspiration.
  6. The victim should keep quiet and try to keep the normal body temperature.

Oxygen can be administered when there is insufficient respiration using a non-rebreather mask at the rate of 10 to 15 L/min.

The patient should be checked for pulmonary edema and necessary treatment must be given.

For advanced treatment, you need to consider orotracheal or nasotracheal intubation for airway control, when the patient is unconscious and has extreme pulmonary edema or severe respiratory distress.

In case of severe bronchospasm, you can think of using a beta agonist such as albuterol.

The cardiac rhythm should be monitored and the arrhythmias have to be treated in case of any.

In case of hypotension with signs of hypovolemia, the fluid needs to be administered cautiously. You need to look out for signs of hypovolemia and then administer fluid carefully.

The occurrence of seizures needs to be treated with diazepam or lorazepam.

What are the methods of disposal of the Benzyl methyl ketone(BMK)?

In case there is any unused amount of the chemical, you can put into use for the ones that it is meant for or else return it to the supplier from whom you have purchased it. It can be burnt in a chemical incinerator which is fitted with an afterburner and scrubber. Never use contaminated packages.

If you have to dispose of it, then you must consider certain factors before doing so, such as its effect on the quality of the air, chances of migration through air, soil or water, impact in the animals, and aquatic life as well as the compliance with the environmental as well as public health regulations. Also, it is always recommended to use some other available alternative that is less toxic, less environmental damaging or injurious compared this one.

What is Benzyl methyl ketone(BMK)s legality?

Benzyl methyl ketone(BMK) is a schedule II drug according to the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) controlled substances. This drug is known to have illicit uses in the clandestine chemistry because of which it was declared as a schedule II drug in the United States in the year 1980. Abusing it can cause extreme psychological or physical dependence.


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