BMK Glycidate (Benzeneacetic acid)


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 BMK Glycidate (Benzeneacetic acid)

BMK Glycidate (Benzeneacetic acid), BMK Glycidate is a chemical which is found in the form of white or yellow crystal flake which has a floral odour such as geranium or rose. Also, it has a sweet taste like honey at a higher concentration. This chemical is soluble in water. Naturally, it is found in certain flowers, fruits and few plants. You can also find it in fermented drinks, tea as well as cocoa. This also forms a component of tobacco and wood smoke. It has a CAS number 16648-44-5.

The manufacturer of BMK Glycidate:

Cambrex Corp and Berje Inc. are the manufactures of this chemical.

What is BMK Glycidate (Benzeneacetic acid) used for?

This chemical has the following uses:

  • It is used to produce penicillin.
  • It is used for manufacturing certain chemicals and perfumes.
  • It is also used as a flavouring agent.
  • It is used as adjunctive therapy for treating acute hyperammonemia and associated encephalopathy in the patients who are suffering from the deficiency of enzymes in the urea cycle.

How is BMK Glycidate manufactured?

The methods of production of BMK Glycidate are as follows:

  1. It is prepared by refluxing benzyl cyanide with diluted sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid.
  2. In the presence of suitable catalysts, benzyl chloride reacts with carbon monoxide to generate phenylacetic acid.
  3. It is produced by the treatment of benzyl cyanide with dilute sulfuric acid and other processes.
  4. It is prepared by a catalytic process for the synthesis of phenylacetic acid from benzyl chloride uses Ni(CO)4 as a catalyst. The product is formed with a selectivity of 95% at a pressure of 60 bar and 80 deg C.

What are the synonyms of BMK Glycidate (Benzeneacetic acid)?

BMK Glycidate is also known by the following names:

  • Benzeneacetic acid, a-acetyl-methyl ester
  • Benzeneacetic
  • methyl α-acetylphenylacetate
  • Benzeneacetic acid
  • CAS:16648-44-5
  • BMK POWDER bmk white powder 3-Oxo-2-PhenylbutanaMide BMK
  • 16648-44-5 methyl α-acetylphenylacetate
  • BMK Glycidate

Who are some popular chemical vendors of  BMK Glycidate (Benzeneacetic acid)?

Some of the popular chemical vendors of BMK Glycidate are:

  • Zjartschem(China)
  • AKos Consulting & Solutions
  • Chemieliva Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
  • Ambeed
  • Aurora Fine Chemicals LLC
  • Chemhere
  • Ambinter

Properties of of BMK Glycidate:

Property Value
Molecular Weight 244.088 g/mol
Exact Mass 242.989 g/mol
CAS number 16648-44-5
Purity 99.9%

Where to purchase BMK Glycidate?

You can buy BMK Glycidate from our online pharmacy. We provide genuine products with high purity. We deliver it through our trusted courier partners at the promised delivery date. No matter where you stay, we can supply it because we have customers all across the globe. We provide the chemical at an attractive price which is lesser than the other suppliers in the market.

What are the health hazards of BMK Glycidate?

  1. Workers handling this chemical may breathe its mist or may have direct skin contact. The direct contact leads to redness of the skin and pain in the eyes.
  2. Other people can get exposed to it through consumption of food, smoking cigarettes and by inhaling perfumes or wood smoke.
  3. On being released into the air, this chemical breaks down but it is not broken down by sunlight. Also, it won’t move from the moist soil or surface of the water to the air. The microorganism can break it down and it doesn’t build up in fish.

When people are exposed to their vapours, they experience cough and irritation in the throat.

  1. Impact of this chemical to cause cancer in the case of lab animals or humans have not yet been assessed by the U.S. EPA IRIS program, the International Agency for Research on Cancer, or the U.S. National Toxicology Program 14th Report on Carcinogens. (SRC).
  2. It is a combustible liquid, so keep it away from any kind of fire.

Precautions you need to take:

In case of any health hazard, you should be ready to take measures for first aid, which are enumerated below:

  1. In the case of breathlessness, make sure to take in enough fresh air and rest.
  2. When it comes in contact with the skin, rinse the area with enough water and take a shower.
  3. When there is accidental ingestion, rinse the mouth and drink 1-2 glasses of water.
  4. If it comes in contact with eyes, then rinse the eyes with water for several minutes after removing the contact lens if any. You also need to consult the doctor in case of severity of the case.
  5. If a fire breaks out, you can use water spray, powder, foam, carbon dioxide.
  6. You should always filter respirator for organic gases and particulates that are adapted to the airborne concentration of the substance. You must never let it enter the environment, and for this, you need to sweep the spilt substance into containers that are covered.
  7. The unused chemical should be recycled or returned to the manufacturers. Always opt for the lesser harmful alternative of any chemical.
  8. If the person is unable to breathe, you may need to start artificial respiration, mainly with a demand-valve resuscitator, bag-valve-mask device, or pocket mask. CPR may also be performed depending on the necessity.
  9. You should not induce vomiting. In case vomiting occurs, lean patient forward or place on the left side with the head-down position, if possible in order to maintain an open airway and prevent aspiration. Make sure that the patient remains quiet and maintain the normal body temperature.

Is BMK Glycidate legal?

This chemical has been designated by the administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration as subject to the provisions of this part and parts 1309 and 1313 of this chapter. It is categorised as a List I chemical. Its esters and salts also come under the same category.

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